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What caused coach Tuchel to be sacked by PSG?

According to many reputable sources, the reason PSG decided to fire coach Thomas Tuchel was not because of the team’s achievements but because of his controversial statements on Sport1 television.

Last night, not long after PSG’s 4-0 victory over Strasbourg, the French capital team suddenly decided to fire head coach Thomas Tuchel. This makes many people who watch football live to be surprised because PSG under the guidance of the German strategist is still playing well this season. That is not to mention that he is the one who made history for the Parc des Princes team when he led the home team to reach the Champions League final for the first time in history last season (losing 0-1 to Bayern Munich).

Immediately after that, there were many comments and different views on the true cause of this unbelievable ending for the former Dortmund captain. According to French media, the biggest reason why PSG PSG decided to “slash” Thomas Tuchel came from his controversial statements in an interview with German television channel Sport1 not long ago.

Specifically, Coach Tuchel has expressed the view of disregard for PSG and the Board of Directors of the Paris capital team, which is said to be indispensable for him. Any trust and respect for Tuchel is great.

In the interview on Sport1, Coach Tuchel once shared the following:

“We are only 90 minutes away from winning the Champions League for the first time in history. However, I never thought we deserved it. You can see that a Ligue 1 championship by comparison has never been as appreciated as a Bundesliga championship. I understand that the expectations on us are set too high”.

In addition, Mr. Tuchel also revealed a lot of information about PSG’s dressing room. He said that PSG is lucky to have big stars like Neymar or Mbappe, but these players do not appreciate the team’s discipline.