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The Romanian prodigy turned down Chelsea because he wanted to play with Ronaldo

Young midfielder Radu Dragusin has turned down Chelsea’s offer because he wants to be with his idol Cristiano Ronaldo at Juventus.

18-year-old midfielder Radu Dragusin made his Juventus first-team debut as a substitute in the Champions League win over Dynamo Kiev.

The Romanian player was surprised when he refused Chelsea’s attractive offer to join Juventus in 2018. Notably, the name that greatly influenced Dragusin’s decision was Cristiano Ronaldo, who worked closely with Dragusin. on the pitch this midweek.

Radu Dragusin launches Juventus in the middle of this week. Dragusin’s representative Florin Manea said: “Dragusin has impressed many scouts. Many other clubs are interested in Dragusin, but Juventus is one of the clubs that really wants him. Dragusin asked me, at which club can I be a good defender?

“Chelsea really wanted him, but Dragusin chose Juventus because of Cristiano Ronaldo. Since then, he has been working hard, putting in more effort, sweating more and improving his diet. Now, he is truly a professional player.

He usually comes to practice about 2 hours earlier than others and spends a lot of time in the gym. Then, Dragusin also has an ideal role model to study is Cristiano Ronaldo. He never had the intention of leaving Juventus, he was ready to renew his contract immediately.

 Dragusin chose Juventus because he wanted to be with Ronaldo. “We saw Dragusin’s future here. Three years ago, he could only watch Ronaldo play on TV. But now Dragusin has become Ronaldo’s teammate. It is a dream come true”.

Currently, Dragusin is considered as an ideal replacement for 36-year-old general Giorgio Chiellini. Some experts also evaluate that Dragusin can become a new Van Dijk thanks to his tall body and smart gameplay like the Dutch defender.

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How has Ronaldo played a decisive role in the last 17 games?

Cristiano Ronaldo has proved his decisive role for Juventus by making a mark in the last 17 consecutive matches in Serie A.

From December 1, 2019, except for the match against Brescia not convened due to technical options, Cristiano Ronaldo regularly participates directly in the goals of Juventus. 

In the last 17 matches in Serie A, Ronaldo always scored at least one goal or assist. Even in the confrontation with Cagliari on 6/1/2020, in addition to setting up a hat-trick, he also has an assist. 

Clearly, above all controversy, Ronaldo still knows how to prove his worth as a way to help Juventus get closer to the Scudetto.

This season, Ronaldo won himself, meaning he surpassed 28 goals in all competitions of the previous campaign. The double doubling in the match against Milan helped CR7 reach the 30-goal mark, something he has done in 10 of the last 11 seasons.

In fact, with Allegri on the training bench, only last season Ronaldo did not achieve at least 30 goals. In the 2014/15 season, he had the best record of 61 goals, surpassing the personal record of 60 goals in the 2011/12 season.

30 goals is an extraordinary achievement for a player who is 35 years old and is pursuing the European Golden Boot race as well as Serie A top scorer.

Ronaldo’s last 17 matches in Serie A:

Sassuolo: Draw 2-2 from the penalty spot

Lazio: Open the score in the 1-3 loss

Udinese: Scored the first 2 goals in a 3-1 win

Sampdoria: Fix the score 2-1

Cagliari: Making hat-tricks and assists for Higuain

Roma: Raising the score to 2-0 from the penalty spot

Parma: Making a brace in a 2-1 victory

Napoli: Scored in the 90th minute in a 1-2 defeat

Fiorentina: Set up a double with a penalty in a 3-0 win

Verona: Open the score in the 1-2 loss

Spal: Open the score in a 2-1 victory

Inter: Assists for Ramsey to score the first goal

Bologna: Open the score on penalties

Lecce: An assist for Dybala opened the scoring and scored the second goal with a penalty

Genoa: Scored second in a 3-1 victory

Torino: Assists for Cuadrado scored the second and third goal

Milan: Scored second in a 2-4 defeat