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Ronaldo faces the number 1 goal scorer in the planet (Part 2)

Ronaldo can completely score 900 goals, although it depends on the circumstances, not just his level.

Ronaldo has taken care of his body perfectly and it is wise to choose to play in Serie A, this is a tournament where the elderly strikers can still dominate, as it was not long ago Fabio Quagliarella. The striker who kicked for Sampdoria a year ago also won the Serie A top scorer at the age of 36, so Italy is the ideal environment for Ronaldo.

But injury is inevitable and Ronaldo at this age will be more likely to deal with a degenerative knee, although he has been more successful than many other players in avoiding serious injuries through smart play. good nutrition. Zlatan Ibrahimovic suffered severe pain when he wore the MU shirt in the Premier League and took a long time to recover at the age of 36-37.

Nhan talked about Ibra, after leaving MU, he thought his career was over, but the Swedish striker went to the US to play football and revive his form here. Ibra is now back in Serie A and has a peak performance in 2020 at AC Milan that revives the club’s dream of winning the Scudetto. If CR7 does not have enough power to play in Italy, he can still go to the MLS, not to mention that he also has commercial and investment activities there.

It wouldn’t be a problem for Ronaldo if he moves to lesser-known leagues, although the quality of football is lower, Ronaldo will not be difficult to be the superstar of the tournament, like Thierry Henry or Wayne Rooney. In fact, a large number of Josef Bican’s goals were scored in the Hungarian second division at that time and were still counted as official goals.

Bican does not play much for the national teams he is wearing but still hits 800 goals, while Ronaldo may still raise his number in Portugal by about two years with Euro, World Cup 2022 in Qatar (expected to be the last tournament for his national team).

Combined with stable performance at the club, avoiding injury and Covid-19, and a reasonable choice of league when needed, and Ronaldo will be able to reach the 900 goal mark.