Arsenal got into the quarter-finals of the FA Cup

Winning 2-0 on 2 March, Arsenal was the first team to reach the quarter-finals of the FA Cup.

A few days after being eliminated from the Europa League by Olympiakos, Arsenal needed a push to revive the spirit for the rest of the season. Only against the Second Division Portsmouth, Mikel Arteta’s teachers do not miss the opportunity to become the first team to enroll in the quarterfinals of the FA Cup this season.

Portsmouth had one of the biggest surprises in FA Cup history when winning the 2007-2008 season. But within the next six years, they dropped three grades and nearly went bankrupt. When he revived again, Portsmouth had hope to climb up to the First Division next season when they were unbeaten in 17 matches in the Second Division. They are the only runner-up team to make it to the FA Cup 2019-2020 round.

Portsmouth 0-2 Arsenal

Before the determination of the home team, Arsenal could not dominate the number of opportunities in the first half despite holding the ball to 71%. Each team had eight shots in the first 45 minutes, most of which were blocked by defenders. Arsenal suffered losses in the 16th minute, when Lucas Torreira had to leave the pitch due to a stretcher injury.

Midfield pair Sokratis and David Luiz are the leaders in the squad composed of most young Arteta players. One of these two players created the most remarkable ball in the half. From Reiss Nelson’s ball in the fourth minute of injury time, Sokratis took a shot to open the score.

Portsmouth have not won Arsenal since 1958. Hoping to end that sad confrontation almost no longer with the home team, when Eddie Nketiah increased the score to 2-0 for Arsenal in the 51st minute. England U21 players quickly finishing off the roof of Portsmouth net at close range, after a clear situation of the defending ball from the home defender.

While Arsenal did not sprung all out, Portsmouth did not have enough strength to rise in the rest of the second half. Arsenal have maintained an unbeaten run against the Second and Lower teams in the FA Cup for the past 28 years. Arteta’s teachers and students will return to the English Premier this weekend to welcome West Ham. In the domestic league, Arsenal ranked 10th after 28 rounds, five points behind the top five but playing less than one match.


After Brexit, English football is tough

The towering television rights are about to be devalued, 65% of the players become foreign soldiers and the clubs losing their competitive strength in the European arena are the risks that are gradually appearing after England left the European Union.

The UK officially broke up with the European Union (EU) from 1-2-2020, opening a new era, and at the same time, changing a lot of the kingdom’s future relationships in all fields. field. The fog of football in the country has also faced enormous challenges.

The British have long been proud of the Premier League, which is not only worth watching in Europe because of its attractiveness, mass popularity but also a sporting event that brings countless resources, even has become an industry.

The most watched entertainment in the world. However, when the Brexit process was completed and closed for 47 years of “peaceful coexistence” between England and the EU, the English football fans could not help but worry about the consequences.

According to statistics of the English Football Association (FA), there are currently more than 330 foreign players playing in 20 English Premier League teams, accounting for 65% of the army. The majority of these players are from EU countries, enjoying a common rule when playing football in England.

Now, when the UK leaves the EU, non-British players will have to apply for a work permit, which is very stringent and complicated. These foreign soldiers need to prove they do not occupy the job market of their British colleagues, have a certain number of times to wear the national team or to achieve a value of some degree above. transfer market.

The FA sees Brexit as an opportunity to make a “revolution” while promoting the reduction in the number of foreign soldiers in each club from 17 to 13, while increasing the number of English players from 8 to 12 each. team. However, it is important that the FA cannot prove how the use of foreign players in the Premier League affects the quality of England if not the fact that it is the opposite.

With the FA’s strict rules for foreign soldiers, more than 100 players are expected to bid farewell to the Premier League clubs when the 2019-2020 season ends. If so, the chances of success of the English teams in the European arena will be greatly affected when the quality of each club and the Premier League is certainly reduced, contributing to the economic value of the field. This play goes down, even losing the most attractive tournament position in the world.


Chelsea won Tottenham in the 18th round

Winning the hosts Tottenham 2-0 in the 18th round of Premier League on December 22, Chelsea preserved the position in the top four.


Willian at the 12th minute and 45th minute

Willian is the focus of the match, not just with the brace. The Brazilian midfielder miserable the Tottenham defense with wise situations on the left. He failed to concede Tottenham in the previous 11 matches, but shone just in time to bring back three valuable points for Chelsea.

After the match, coach Frank Lampard ran to the Chelsea audience and jumped incessantly. He shouted and inspired the fans. This was Jose Mourinho’s first defeat when he met his former team. This victory has a special meaning for Lampard – the old game of Mourinho.

Lampard showed that he was taller than Mourinho when using the three-center-back scheme, instead of the two center-backs as usual. This is not the first time the English coach has used this scheme.

Chelsea used the same scheme in the 5-2 win over Wolverhampton on September 14. At that time, Wolves also used the three-center-back scheme and Lampard found a way to exploit the weakness from this diagram.

Tottenham also used three center-backs, and Lampard reverted to the tactic that thrashed Wolves. Willian, Mount and Abraham constantly tormented the Tottenham defense from the start. After the first 10 minutes, Chelsea had three shots. By the 12th minute, Willian went the ball from the left wing into the middle and pleaded to the far corner to open the score.

Tottenham held the ball a lot but did not create a dangerous opportunity, while Chelsea stalked the ability to counterattack unexpectedly. At the end of the first half, from Chelsea’s counterattack, Tottenham goalkeeper Paulo Gazzaniga – missed the ball and accidentally made a mistake with Marcos Alonso.

Referee Anthony Taylor did not initially blow the penalty. After VAR intervened, he caught Chelsea’s penalty. On the 11-meter mark, Willian deceived the keeper to set a 2-0 victory. This is the first time the Brazilian midfielder made a brace for Chelsea in three years.

The second half is less beautiful. The highlight is the direct red card of Son Heung-min and the reaction of the Tottenham audience.