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Why MU and Solskjaer are slow in the transfer market?

Why are rumors about MU’s transfer so many, but the team has not officially signed a new contract so far?

MU fans’ fears are growing because it has entered the fourth week since the end of last season. The reason is that “Red Devils” have not added any new contracts while the rest of the Big 6 clubs already have rookies.

Although finishing in third place last season, almost everyone knows MU needs to improve the team to compete to keep the rank, not to mention the championship race. The Old Trafford team owned a lot of rumors since the football was suspended because of Covid-19 and until now, all are just rumors.

Solskjaer is considered “cool hand” in the transfer issue when the players he brought in quickly integrate and play well. However, MU’s audience is starting to feel “bored to the neck” with the rumors and do not understand why the club he loves is so “slow”.

In fact, if you consider it carefully, the answer is right before your eyes. The first is the financial issue. MU has been a team that has been “self-made and self-eaten” for many years, although on behalf of the Glazers, the club owns the club. The Covid-19 translation has caused MU a lot of damage in the business. Declining revenue means that it is necessary to be careful in spending money.

Remember, Chelsea – the most active team in the transfer market this summer has a boss who loves money and loves football, likewise Man City. MU’s situation is a bit similar to Liverpool, except that the Anfield team started three years earlier when Jurgen Klopp joined this team.

Second, MU is being pressed for price in every deal that wants to be negotiated. Even Jack Grealish, a player with only 8 goals and 6 assists in the 2019/20 Premier League, was also “screamed” up to 80 million pounds. An unreasonable price and difficult to accept, likewise the case of Jadon Sacho (Dortmund).

If the “Red Devils” accept that price, they will have to suffer “chain reaction” for the next deal. At that time, money tons is not enough. Not only was the price pressed, but MU also became a price for people to raise. Any player has rumors related to the Old Trafford team is worth skyrocketing. This makes rumors about MU a lot, but in fact, the amount of true valuable news is not much.

Unlike previous seasons, this year’s transfer window has not ended yet. Will Solskjaer and Ed Woodward, who are mainly responsible for buying players, solve the above-mentioned problems so that the team can have 2-3 new recruits in time?

According to the latest information, MU is about to successfully recruit Donny Van De Beek from Ajax for £ 40 million. It is considered a quality contract but it is not enough when “Red Devils” need at least 1 defender and a striker.