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What are the special terms of Messi’s “super contract” with Barca?

Barca and Messi have begun to negotiate on a new contract, which the Spanish press believes special provisions exist.

Lionel Messi, through his father Jorge Messi, has negotiated with Barcelona over a new deal that will last until 2023, when the current deal will end in 2021.

Barca’s offer to Messi was actually a “super deal”, because in a football era under the crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Argentinian striker was still guaranteed the incentives to have one no two.

Specifically, Messi continues to receive a pre-tax salary of about 100 million euros a year (L’Equipe newspaper in February revealed Messi received 8.3 million euros per month).

According to the Spanish press, Messi is guaranteed to receive a large bonus for playing more than 60% of the matches every season as well as winning trophies with Barca, in which the reward will be more generous if winning the Champions League. League.

In addition, Barcelona can offer a “bonus extension” to Messi on the condition that no annual salary increase.¬†This is a fixed amount that clubs usually pay (once) to players who agree to an extension after entering the final year of the contract.¬†

The extension bonus is usually a significant sum, as it is a compensation for a decision not to follow another offer that may be higher than the current club. For example, nearly two months ago, Neymar rejected an extension from PSG of up to 100 million euros.

Moreover, the new binding between Barcelona and Messi will include a special provision at the end of each season, similar to the previous Andres Iniesta. 

Accordingly, Messi can evaluate at the end of each season whether to continue with Barca or not, as long as not transferred to a club in Spain or the same tournament in Europe. Iniesta chose to play his final years at Vissel Kobe in Japan.