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Messi still receives a great bonus for loyalty despite leaving Barca

ESPN revealed Messi will still receive a big loyalty bonus whether or not he decides to leave Barca at the end of this season.

Messi has not yet agreed to extend his contract with Barca, which will end at the end of this season. Conflict with the Barca leadership could cause the Argentine striker to leave after 20 years of sticking.

But despite the decision to break up with Barca, Messi still receives a great bonus for loyalty over the years. The source of ESPN revealed that Messi’s contract with Barca in 2017 had a provision for the club to pay bonuses for player loyalty.

The gods of Barca in the past such as Xavi or Iniesta also received the same bonus when parting with the team. This is a gift that Barca gives to the players who have dedicated their career to the club.

But Messi’s case is more special because the prize money is unprecedented. The source of ESPN said that Barca will reward Messi about 66 million euros. Messi received half of the prize money in February this year and the other half will be paid out at the end of the contract.

Before that, Xavi was only awarded 21 million euros for loyalty to Barca, Iniesta 18 million, while Carles Puyol even refused Barca’s gifts. The former Spanish player thinks that Barca helped him become a good player, so it is obvious that he is loyal to the club.

In the current situation, having to pay a big bonus to Messi makes Barca face a lot of financial difficulties. They already owe about 480 million euros and are expected to lose about 300 million euros this season due to the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic.

To deal with this situation, Barca is asking the players to reduce their salaries by 30% (about 190 million euros) and sell 50% of the shares of the Barca Corporate project (about 200 million euros).

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Summer transfer list 2020 latest updated

Update the latest summer 2020 transfer list with information from big clubs such as MU, Arsenal, Real, Barca, Juventus, etc.

James Rodriguez officially arrives at Everton

James Rodriguez arrived in Liverpool before completing his transfer with Everton.

The Colombian midfielder left Real Madrid to Everton for a fee of about £ 20 million, and signed a 3-year contract. Here, James reunited with Carlo Ancelotti, with whom he worked at both Real Madrid and Bayern.

Wolves broke the transfer record with Fabio Silva

Wolves broke his transfer record by buying 18-year-old Porto striker Fabio Silva for £ 35 million. The Portuguese striker only started one game in Primeira Liga last season, but Wolves still spent more than £ 30 million paid for Benfica to get Raul Jimenez 14 months ago.

Everton completed a £ 22m midfielder purchase

Everton signed a three-year contract with midfielder Allan from Napoli. The Brazilian is priced at £ 25 million and will reunite with former teacher Carlo Ancelotti here. Allan scored 11 goals and 16 assists in more than 200 matches for Napoli in all competitions, contributing to winning the Italian Cup championship.

Chelsea officially signed a contract with Havertz

Chelsea officially won Kai Havertz on a five-year contract after reaching a transfer fee agreement with Leverkusen.

Accordingly, Chelsea must pay the initial £ 70 million (€ 80 million) plus £ 15 million (€ 20 million) in bonuses.

Rakitic officially left Barca to return to Sevilla

Ivan Rakitic has completed the transfer from Barca to Sevilla. The Catalan club received a fixed 1.5 million euros plus 9 million bonuses. The Croatian midfielder left Sevilla for Barca six years ago for 18 million euros. Now he signed a new contract until 2024.

Messi’s father met to resolve the crisis

According to Marca (Spain), Messi’s father Jorge Messi will come to Barcelona today to hold the summit meeting with Barca’s leadership. The content is of course a discussion about his son’s future. The source said, Messi will continue to not appear in today’s training session, meaning the second day in a row. In another development, Ivan Rakitic left Barca to conduct a medical check with Sevilla after making a free transfer.

MU finished the Van de Beek case

Midfielder Donny van de Beek went to MU for a medical check to complete the transfer from Ajax. The fee for this 23-year-old player is about 40 million pounds. Van de Beek’s father also confirmed the news when he thought it was a dream come true.

After rumors of moving to Barca to play under a teacher in the Dutch team, Ronald Koeman, Van de Beek finally joined MU when the “Red Devils” gave up interest in Grealish to focus on this goal. .

Ibrahimovic officially received a new shirt number

Zlatan Ibrahimovic has officially renewed his 1-year contract with AC Milan and changed from shirt number 21 to 11. With the new contract, Ibrahimovic received a salary of 7 million euros, the highest in the Milan squad.

Vidal talks to get rid of Barca

Despite being trusted by new manager Ronald Koeman, Arturo Vidal still holds talks with Barca to reach an end-of-contract agreement, which will then allow him to come to Inter as a free agent.  For its part, Barcelona asked for a fee because it knew Inter’s interest. While waiting for the results, Vidal’s representatives, Fernando Felicevich and Inter are coming to a personal agreement.

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Neymar received the verdict to pay Barca nearly 7 million euros

The court in Spain has ruled that Neymar has to pay the former Barca club a sum of 6.7 million euros in relation to a contract award.

The Barcelona Social Court No. 15 ruled, Neymar had to pay € 6.7 million for Barca regarding the requirements for the signing bonuses that the club and the player agreed when extending the contract in 2016.

The court ruling completely rejected Neymar’s request to pay 43.6 million euros, but according to the Brazilian striker Barca owed him as a second payment (he received 20.75 million) upon joining. contract term in 2016.

Neymar and Barca dispute the prize money when signing the contract. In contrast, Barca also loves the PSG-wearing star compensating 22.5 million euros for breach of contract (due to move to France). Ultimately, Neymar will have to pay about one-third of the amount mentioned above.

The lawyers of Neymar and Barca met in court on September 27, 2019 to reconcile but failed.

Now, the Catalan club’s legal action has prevailed by giving various evidence. First, Neymar signed a contract from 2013 to 2018 but it was not completed, which is why the club asked for compensation of 1.75 million euros.

Later, Barca signed two more contracts with this player, including one until 2021 and one extended to 2022. By signing these two contracts, Barca paid Neymar 20.75 million euros as a reward. loyalty. Meanwhile, Neymar demanded an additional s43.6 million euros.

The first money was paid but Barca did not want to pay a second time because it was obvious the player did not complete the contract. In the end, the case went to court and ruled that Neymar had to pay Barca 6.7 million.

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Real Madrid outstripped Barca in terms of playing time for U21 players

Real Madrid have spent more time playing for U21 players in La Liga this season than their rivals Barca.

Real Madrid is the Spanish club that uses the most U21 players. Coach Zinedine Zidane has given the opportunity to young faces with more time rate than any team in La Liga.

Specifically, Real Madrid took the lead with 13.1% of the total minutes played, closely followed by Real Sociedad, one of the teams that brought more opportunities to the youngest player.

This is the result from the International Sports Research Center based on the percentage of minutes the young players in each team play.

Among Real Madrid’s young players, Federico Valverde is most trusted with 1,266 minutes in La Liga. Vinicius also played quite a lot: 900 minutes, followed by Rodrygo (666), Brahim (23) and 432 minutes of Militao, before the defender turned a new age in January.

This is also the reason that Real Madrid is the third lowest average age team in the tournament (26.9), after Real Sociedad (25.9) and Celta (26.4).

Surprisingly, Real Sociedad took second place thanks to opportunities for Martin Odegaard, Alexander Isak and Ander Barrenetxea.

Third place went to Atletico de Madrid with 12% of the total minutes, typically Joao Felix (1,409), Renan Lodi (1,672).

Meanwhile, Barca has only 5.4% of the total minutes, with limited time for Ansu Fati and Riqui Puig. This is a low rate for a club that is usually proud of its young training system.

However, 7% of La Liga’s total minutes is the lowest in Europe’s top 5 leagues, behind Ligue 1 (15%), Bundesliga (9.8%), Premier League (8.5%) and Serie A (7.7%).

Clubs with the highest U21 player utilization rate:

Lille 32.1%

Chelsea 23.3%

Ajax 22.5%

Dortmund 22.3%

Arsenal 17.8%

Milan 15.5%

MU 13.7%

Lyon 13.5%

PSG 11%

Liverpool 9%

Benfica 8%

Juventus 7.9%

Bayern Munich 7.4%

Inter Milan 5.3%

Porto 3.2%

Napoli 2.8%

Man City 2.3%

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Barca emphasizes style, Real only needs the title

Through the first matches of 2020, Real Madrid is showing the effectiveness of changing the style from florid to pragmatic.

When defeating Valladolid 1-0 in La Liga last Sunday, no Real member could leave with a good memory except defender Nacho – the only goal scorer. In fact, Nacho is not too proud of what he can do.

His goal was only salvation in an unattractive match, where Real was nothing better than the 15th place team. It was also not beautiful enough to remember long, when it was just a simple header. from the cross of Toni Kroos.

But that match shows the new philosophy of Real. Zinedine Zidane’s teachers and students do not need to play beautifully, only need efficiency and titles. They are succeeding with this philosophy by taking three points more than defending champion Barca.

When Zidane regained the torn Real ship during the disastrous 2018-2019 season, Zidane understood that he was facing an unprecedented reconstruction mission. In addition to his weak experience in rebuilding a team, he still lacks many good players with high performance, good age … to bring stability.

As a result, they changed their philosophy and focused more on the results. Zidane is aware that, no matter how beautiful he plays, the plan will be broken and he will have to leave if Real does not win anything this season.

Supporters are also tending to support Zidane’s change. They are not interested in Real struggling to win against Valladolid, the picture is the opposite of the win time of six, or seven goals as when Cristiano Ronaldo, but they are willing to ignore all problems if the team ends with the title. champion.

The victory over Valladolid is the kind of match that only historical enthusiasts can remember in a few weeks. But with Real, it is important that they have an advantage over Barca. While the rivalry is still struggling to get acquainted with the style of the new coach Quique Setien, Real has quietly moved into a favorable position to prepare to accelerate.

In recent weeks, the line of the Royal team has been almost numb. While Karim Benzema and Eden Hazard are sidelined for convalescence, Luka Jovic, Rodrygo, Vinicius and Lucas Vazquez are helpless to replace.

However, with good adaptability and willingness to change, Real still has the necessary number of goals. Scorer from all front lines such as defender Nacho, Varane, or midfielder Luka Modric, Casemiro.