Chelsea won Tottenham in the 18th round

Winning the hosts Tottenham 2-0 in the 18th round of Premier League on December 22, Chelsea preserved the position in the top four.


Willian at the 12th minute and 45th minute

Willian is the focus of the match, not just with the brace. The Brazilian midfielder miserable the Tottenham defense with wise situations on the left. He failed to concede Tottenham in the previous 11 matches, but shone just in time to bring back three valuable points for Chelsea.

After the match, coach Frank Lampard ran to the Chelsea audience and jumped incessantly. He shouted and inspired the fans. This was Jose Mourinho’s first defeat when he met his former team. This victory has a special meaning for Lampard – the old game of Mourinho.

Lampard showed that he was taller than Mourinho when using the three-center-back scheme, instead of the two center-backs as usual. This is not the first time the English coach has used this scheme.

Chelsea used the same scheme in the 5-2 win over Wolverhampton on September 14. At that time, Wolves also used the three-center-back scheme and Lampard found a way to exploit the weakness from this diagram.

Tottenham also used three center-backs, and Lampard reverted to the tactic that thrashed Wolves. Willian, Mount and Abraham constantly tormented the Tottenham defense from the start. After the first 10 minutes, Chelsea had three shots. By the 12th minute, Willian went the ball from the left wing into the middle and pleaded to the far corner to open the score.

Tottenham held the ball a lot but did not create a dangerous opportunity, while Chelsea stalked the ability to counterattack unexpectedly. At the end of the first half, from Chelsea’s counterattack, Tottenham goalkeeper Paulo Gazzaniga – missed the ball and accidentally made a mistake with Marcos Alonso.

Referee Anthony Taylor did not initially blow the penalty. After VAR intervened, he caught Chelsea’s penalty. On the 11-meter mark, Willian deceived the keeper to set a 2-0 victory. This is the first time the Brazilian midfielder made a brace for Chelsea in three years.

The second half is less beautiful. The highlight is the direct red card of Son Heung-min and the reaction of the Tottenham audience.