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Bruno Fernandes and his teammates have just lost to Basaksehir in shock

MU just had to receive a very bitter defeat at Istanbul Basaksehir. And it can cause “Red Devils” to embrace hatred, in the context of Group H is really death, where all 4 teams have intact the door to the next round.

Group H Champions League 2020/21 becomes more complicated than ever. After the third match, this group became a “hot spot” because all 4 teams had an intact chance to continue. Only Group B, where the big Real Madrid suddenly declined, has a complicated situation similar to Group H.

Despite losing 1-2 at Istanbul Basaksehir, MU is still the top team in Group H with 6 points after 3 matches. However, the gap between them and the second ranked team RB Leipzig is no longer available. Because the German team has just shocked with a 2-1 victory over PSG to have the same 6 points as MU. PSG and Basaksehir are behind with 3 points.

Thus, the score gap between the first and bottom teams is only 3 points, while there are still 3 innings. Everything is subject to change in rematches between the teams in Group H.

MU also has to be a guest at Leipzig field in the last match, confronting PSG in the fifth game. Coach Solskjaer’s team lost to PSG 0-2 at Old Trafford in 2018, so there is no guarantee that “Red Devils “there will be 3 points, even 1 point against PSG.

It can be said that the defeat in Turkey heavily affected the progress of the “Red Devils” in the Champions League this year. Obviously, fans of this team have a reason to get angry with coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. They have made themselves unacceptable.

In the fourth match, the score gap between the teams in Group H can be completely leveled if MU continues to lose to Basaksehir, and PSG returns the debt to Leipzig. Then, Group H will happen in the case of up to 4 teams with the same 6 points.

This means that the tickets to continue in Group H Champions League 2020/21 will only be determined in the final round. But in that match, MU will have to march to Leipzig’s yard, the match will take place at 3 o’clock on December 9 (Hanoi time). This will be an uncertain trip with “Red Devils”.

The current situation is reminiscent of the 2015/16 Champions League, the season where MU was also eliminated from the group stage. In the final match, the team then led by coach Louis van Gaal had to face the home team Wolfsburg, even winning the German representative on away field. However, in the end, “Red Devils” lost 2-3 on Wolfsburg’s field and was bitterly eliminated.

Looking at the current situation, it can be seen that the advantage that MU currently has is not as great as what they think. Before the match, many people judged that Solskjaer teachers and students must have at least 1 point to leave Turkey. But no, they lost in a match where the defense played as apprentices.

If you want to avoid the disaster from group H of death, MU needs to avoid pushing himself into a dilemma. If you win against Basaksehir and PSG at Old Trafford, Solskjaer’s teachers and students will have 12 points and a great chance to continue before entering the final series. But all calculations with the “Red Devils” now become far away, when they keep playing in the style of a game or a bad match, lacking the necessary consistency and consistency.